A guide that will help to have a jump start to your online pet store

Starting up a pet shop is not an easy task. One needs to walk on the road not taken. A great deal of care needs to be taken of the pets. A lot of implications like budget and competitors in the same geographical location might act as a possible threat to stop a person from starting a business. One need not worry about these factors though as if one is dedicated to his task then no one can stop him from aiming for the stars.

Some of the steps that need to be followed are as follows.

  • Think of a catchy name for your pet shop

To start with, one should always think of name which will attract attention of the masses by means of his online pet store in Dubai. Consecutively, one also needs to register the business name so that services can be made available to the people within that country, city or state. Vendor’s licence should also be applied for as payment of taxes will be needed to be done.

  • Getting sufficient financial help from banks or financiers

For an online pet store in Dubai to be started up, one should acquire ample amounts of monetary help if need be. The budget to start the online pet store in Dubai should be considered as unavoidable cash flow may be needed to be done in many instances.

Online pet store in Dubai
Online pet store in Dubai
  • Locating a wholesaler who sells the products you wish to market

Tracking down a wholesaler to supply the type of pets you wish to sell would be required. To get a hold of the same one can always work as a subordinate at a competitor’s place to understand the demands of the business. Alternatively one can always get a hold of such wholesalers online and contact them and tell them about their requirements.

  • Advertising

The best way to make one’s voice be heard by the masses is through online advertisements. To be able to do so, one can advertise in some of the famous search engines like google.com or yahoo.com etc.

Starting up a shop that sells pets is not a difficult task at one. The only consideration of people starting up this kind of business should be to leave no stone unturned in making customer’s happy. To become a household name, the owner of a shop should also find the varieties of pets that are in demand the most at that point of time.

Few Tips To Train Puppies in Water – For All Dog Lovers in 2016

Usually dogs love water, this is something very natural that they have in their character but how can you encourage this natural affinity with safety and fun. First thing first, make your dog water friendly by giving them regular bath. There are few things that you need to consider:-

· Don’t make it quick – Take your time and enjoy with your dog in the bathroom. A long bath removes the fear of water from your dogs mind. So always pick a time when you can relax and focus on your puppy.

· Make it Fun – You must be aware what toys your dog likes. Bring those toys to the bathroom and play with them while giving bath to your puppy. This is a very effective method which gives your dog a feeling that water is fun.

Dog Playing In Water

· Make Your Dog Comfortable – You need to understand that you and your dog is different. What seems like a great temperature to you might not be what your dog prefers. Very warm water can actually be a shock to your dog, so keep it lukewarm to ensure that your dog enjoys the bath.

The majority of dogs is natural swimmers and loves nothing better than doing it for untainted joy. They have the natural skill to it but confidence and experience are also required. It is always good to introduce a puppy or young dog to water as early as possible. The first thing should be finding a pond or lake with still or very slow moving water. Find a proper place where the dog can enter and exit the water easily via a gentle slope. Be prepared to enter the water with your dog. This may be all they need to build the confidence to take the first step. If your dog is a little hesitant to enter the lake, don’t rush and play in the shallows instead, this will motivate them to enter further. The dog will need to keep their body flat on the surface of the water and build up a paddling action with their feet. If you notice that your dog is having difficulty, then help them by giving hand support under their belly. When you notice a little improvement, gradually reduce your involvement. Involve a ball or other toys to make your dog relaxed. Once your puppy gains the required confidence and experience then you will not be required to accompany your dog, your puppy will love doing it again and again.

Dog Sunscreen, Best Way To Keep Them Safe

Like human being dogs are also prone to skin diseases and even skin cancer due to the harmful UV rays of the sun. The fur is the natural protection for the dogs, but it doesn’t stop harming the dog from the rays. Get the best suitable sunscreen from Pet shops in Dubai for protecting your best lad from the harmful UVA and UVB rays.
Sunburns are caused due to the UVA rays whereas UVB rays cause skin ageing and even skin cancer.

Dogs more prone to Skin Disease
The dogs are more vulnerable to skin diseases caused due to the sun rays, especially during summer. Dog’s love to play outside in the sun and prolong exposure to direct sun may cause serious skin-related issues. Let’s find out who are more likely to get affected quickly: –

· Losing or less hair: – Dogs with less or small fur in the body are the more likely to get affected by the UVA and UVB rays or if your dog is losing hair due any physical issues like allergies etc are also a soft target.

· Loves to Sunbath: – If your dog loves sunbathe or spend a lot of time outside under the sun, may for playing or like guard dogs. The skin in the belly is most likely to get affected. Pet corner provides the best sunscreen to protect your beloved pet from getting any harm

Dog Chilling in the Sun


· Body parts: – In the various parts of your dog’s body, there are few which are more delicate and can get easily affected like the nose, eyelids, ear, mouth and the underbelly. So it is more important to safeguard this with special attention.

Preventive measures: –
As a pet owner, it is our moral responsibility to protect the human’s best friend from any kind of harm. Let’s find out the ways to protect your dog from the harmful UV rays: –

· Sunscreen: – Shops like Pet corner in Dubai have the best sunscreen for your lovable dog. Using sunscreen for the dog is the best way to save them from the effect of the sun. It is available in both spray and lotion. These are specially made for animals as some ingredients in sunscreen like zinc oxide may cause serious health hazards.

Note: – If your dog is under the sun for a long time, reapply the sunscreen in every 4 hours especially if your dog is frequently going to water.

· Test the Sunscreen: – If it is new to your pet, do a test on a small area of skin in your dog and observe if there is any reaction or not and any kind of change in dog’s behaviour.

· Choose the correct product: – Select the right sunscreen which provides protection from both UVA and UVB rays.

So visit Pet shops in Dubai and find out the various other products and dog sunscreen to protect your dog. However, it is always suggested to keep your pet away from prolonged exposure to the direct sun rays