Obalon balloon system: FAQs

The balloon weight loss surgery is considered to be an apt way of losing weight. This procedure is designed for all those who want to shed those extra pounds but without going under the knife. Out of all, the Obalon balloon system is regarded to be safe and quick. The following FAQs will help you to find out more about this treatment for weight loss. Take a look

What is Obalon balloon system?

This is the only swallowable balloon system for losing the extra weight. The entire procedure includes placing of 3 lightweight balloons (one at a time) gradually within a period of 6 months. The balloon enters your stomach through the esophagus and is then inflated. The inflated balloon occupies space within the stomach, reducing the capacity of the stomach and hence decreasing your food intake. When coupled with a professionally supervised diet plan and exercise, you can expect a faster weight loss.

How does it work fast?

This incision-less balloon weight loss surgery facilitates weight loss by occupying space in your stomach so that you consume less quantity of food.  In order to speed up the weight loss, you will be required to make certain lifestyle changes and include a specified nutrition and exercise program. This system will aid in making and maintaining eating habits so that you keep off that extra weight for long.

What is the cost of this weight loss system?

The entire procedure lasts for a period of 6 months that include placement of balloon thrice. Plus the nutritional support and removal of balloon add up to an average cost of about $9000 or 32000 DHS.

Who is the best candidate for the Obalon system?

Any person with a BMI (body mass index) from 30 to 40kg/m2 and over 22 years of age is a suitable candidate for the Obalon system.

What to expect from Obalon weight loss surgery?

The clinical studies show that adults can experience meaningful weight loss with this system. Along with the specific diet and exercise an individual could lose an average of 90% of the total weight within 6 months, which can be maintained by continuing the diet and exercise specified.

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