A Few Design Concepts for Pet-Friendly Interiors

Often when planning to redesign our home, we think about our comfort and necessities. Nowadays, the time has changed and homes are not designed just for you,, but also for your four-legged friends. Interior design companies in Dubai have started incorporating pet-friendly interior designs. They decide the fabrics and colors for the space, keeping the pet in mind.

In Dubai, interior designing companies are focusing on the pet-friendly interiors as these are in trend and will be around for a long time. More and more pet lovers are choosing eco-friendly designs so that their pets feel comfortable in the homes. Below are a few pet-friendly concepts.

Designing with color:

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Before you decide with the wall color, first you should select the fabric of your furniture. The fabric of the furniture should match the color of your pet’s fur. Matching both of them will blend in the furs with the fabric so that they don’t look accumulated on the furniture. The wall color can then be decided to coordinate with the furniture.

Flooring for pets and humans:

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There are many different choices for flooring like ceramic, wood, tile, synthetic, marble, stone or carpets. When you own a pet it becomes a quite daunting task to decide the flooring. The flooring which is scratch, germs and odor resistant will suit the best. Nowadays, there is a wide demand for concrete flooring that is stained to go with the color scheme.

Fabrics for furniture:

Choose the furniture that is easy to clean and do not show stains or attain odor. This will save you from hiding your furniture with covers and cleaning them every day. You can also ask the interior design companies that what will be the best option.

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