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Be aware of animal laws in Dubai

It is a great responsibility to own a pet in Dubai. You have to be very cautious especially if you are a working person. There are certain rules and laws about keeping a pet here. Whether you own a pet or willing to adopt one, you must take the assistance of a lawyer from one of the best law firms in UAE to know about the rules around owning a pet. Here we shall be taking a look at them.

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 The pet owner should take preventive measures to keep them safe and also respect the following:

  • The owner should have the required scientific knowledge and understanding of the basic requirement of the pets according to the species of the animal, its rate of development, domestication and other things.
  • The owner should inspect the pet for its needs at least once a day.
  • If they wish to abandon a pet, they should carefully hand it over to the competent department or authority.
  • The pets have the right to move freely that is either permanently or temporarily limited according to the regulations issued by the ministry of Dubai. Your attorney from a Law Firm in UAE can guide you about that.
  •  Animal’s accommodation laws
  •  The materials and tools used for the accommodation of pets should be free from pollution sources, easy to clean and disinfect.
  • The animals that are not raised in constructions, should have a shelter to protect them from the weather, predators, and health threatening dangers.
  • A fodder suitable for the age and species of particular animals shall be provided in adequate quantity. They should also be fed with pure water to drink on a daily basis
  • The safety should be ensured when transporting pets and they shouldn’t be harmed or injured when being transported.
  • Pets should be properly treated for any injury or disease by a vet or specialist.

There also are certain penalties on sexually abusing the pet, or releasing a diseased pet when being fully aware. In order to learn more, hire an attorney at the SM law firm.