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Getting your pet registered in Dubai easily

Whether you want help in offshore company formation in Dubai or opening a bank account here or just getting your pet registered here, you must always look for good business consultants. Although registration of pets have been in effect for many years now, but it was in 2015 that the entire process became online, which was rolled out in Dubai quite soon.

If you own a pet in Dubai then you must get it registered, which should be renewed annually. This simple process can be carried on through the Dubai Municipality veterinary center or through various registered vet clinics across Dubai. Here we shall be discussing the entire procedure of pet registration

Pet Registered in Dubai

· Collect all of the documents of your pet that includes vaccination reports, which your pet have had till now and all other medical documents of your pet.
· Visit your vet clinic regularly with your pet or to the Dubai Municipality veterinary center.
· Your pet must be vaccinated against rabies (if applicable on the animal) and also make sure it gets the general vaccinations annually. In case the general vaccination is due, then you should get it done before registration.
· Along with your pet’s document, you, as a pet owner must also be prepared with your complete contact information and Emirates ID.
· For every pet that is registered in UAE, a microchip is implanted between its shoulders, which help in tracing the pet. This process of getting a microchip implanted is mandatory in UAE. Therefore get it done if you just got a pet here. And if your pet have it already then bring the necessary documents to show it has been implanted.
· Once the process of micro-chip implantation is done, a registration tag or ID is provided which should be attached to the pet in an apparent way, or else the pet is considered to be a stray animal.

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