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New pet owner’s guide to buy food for their pet

The stores are filled with a variety of products that aim to be the best amongst the rest but things are not always as they are visible. Prevention is better than cure so it is better that before getting a product for your lovely winged pal, aquatic pet or the quadruple you follow measures that limit the chances of putting their lives at stake. The Dubai pets food stores are overflowing with pet foods but we should be careful while selecting a food product for the pet. While selecting a food product from the Dubai pet food store always

  • Consult a veterinary to know more about the type of food products needed by your pet.
  • Do not be swayed away by the various advertisements that are being aired on different channels
  • Consider the needs of the pet as for example get to know about the calorie requirements of your pet
  • Before buying any product go through the ingredients mentioned on the packet of the food for the pet.
  • Compare the different products available. This means that the nutritional value of all the products should be compared and the best amongst all the products should be selected.

While buying food items at the Dubai pet food store for pets one should be careful enough to check that

  • The packet of the pet food contains an expiry date and the manufacturing date
  • The packet has an email id or a contact number that can be used to contact the company in case of an emergency
  • Checking for the ingredients used in the manufacturing process of the product align with the requirements of the pet
Dubai Pets Food
Dubai Pets Food

Some of the ingredients that should be avoided in pet products are

  • Ethoxyquin
  • BHT
  • Propylene glycol
  • Wheat gluten or wheat
  • BHA

If the above-mentioned steps are followed a pet will be able to stay health. Thus it is imperative that we stick to these facts.

Always keep in mind, there will be a lot of advertisements on air that claim to be the best dog food available in the market but it is not so. Before giving your dog anything and everything is sure of the dog’s requirement. Consult a veterinary doctor in such situations.

Not only is it important to buy good food for pets but one should also take care that one should be

  • Washing hands before cooking food
  • Washing hands after handling the pets
  • Washing hand before touching the pet food

A guide that will help to have a jump start to your online pet store

Starting up a pet shop is not an easy task. One needs to walk on the road not taken. A great deal of care needs to be taken of the pets. A lot of implications like budget and competitors in the same geographical location might act as a possible threat to stop a person from starting a business. One need not worry about these factors though as if one is dedicated to his task then no one can stop him from aiming for the stars.

Some of the steps that need to be followed are as follows.

  • Think of a catchy name for your pet shop

To start with, one should always think of name which will attract attention of the masses by means of his online pet store in Dubai. Consecutively, one also needs to register the business name so that services can be made available to the people within that country, city or state. Vendor’s licence should also be applied for as payment of taxes will be needed to be done.

  • Getting sufficient financial help from banks or financiers

For an online pet store in Dubai to be started up, one should acquire ample amounts of monetary help if need be. The budget to start the online pet store in Dubai should be considered as unavoidable cash flow may be needed to be done in many instances.

Online pet store in Dubai
Online pet store in Dubai
  • Locating a wholesaler who sells the products you wish to market

Tracking down a wholesaler to supply the type of pets you wish to sell would be required. To get a hold of the same one can always work as a subordinate at a competitor’s place to understand the demands of the business. Alternatively one can always get a hold of such wholesalers online and contact them and tell them about their requirements.

  • Advertising

The best way to make one’s voice be heard by the masses is through online advertisements. To be able to do so, one can advertise in some of the famous search engines like or etc.

Starting up a shop that sells pets is not a difficult task at one. The only consideration of people starting up this kind of business should be to leave no stone unturned in making customer’s happy. To become a household name, the owner of a shop should also find the varieties of pets that are in demand the most at that point of time.