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Frequently asked interior design questions answered

Being the best interior firm in Dubai, interiors.R.US answer the some frequently asked questions that will help you decorate your spaces.

Q: What is the correct height to hang wall pieces?

A: This is one of the most common questions asked. Well, the idea height to hang wall pieces and mirrors is at eye length. They should be about five feet above the ground and if you are hanging 2 or more frames on the same wall then there should be at least 3 inches gap between them.

Q: What’s the best way to mix and match different patterns?

Patterns can be mixed in any way possible but you will have to see to it that the colors used belong to the same family. A consistent color scheme will make the mix and match look synchronized and sophisticated.

Q: How to divide a large room into different zones?

A: You can create multiple zones in a large room using furniture, by spreading rugs, frames, etc. This is the best way to make the place look well organized.  

Q: How to make a small room look spacious?

A: Almost everyone wishes to make their spaces look bigger and better. One way to make a small room look lighter and spacious is to opt for a neutral pallet. White walls, light colored furniture and lighter rugs are just perfect.

Some of the most frequently asked questions have been answered. For more detailed information about retail interior designs and designers in Dubai, contact    

  Attributes while hiring professionals for office interior design

Since the interior design of an office space enhances the aesthetic appeal and also boosts the productivity of the employees, it is a must that you hire the professional services of one of the best interior designing companies in Dubai.  Whether you are designing a new office or renovating an old one, your money as well as time are the two important investments in the entire process. Hence, to make sure that these investments get you an excellent outcome, this significant job of designing your office should be assigned to professional experts. Here we shall take a look at a few advantages of hiring a professional.

Interior design companies in Dubai
  •         No costly pitfalls

Costly mistakes and pitfalls are very commonly seen when you consider to renovate your office without hiring any professional. The art of visualization is very mush required in interior designing, and therefore it is quite probable that the office space doesn’t look exactly like the way you visualized it to be. You would either have to compromise on the look, or spend again in redesigning. On the other hand, a professional has the expertise, talent and experience of making more informed decision and thus avoiding costly pitfalls.

  •         Avoid poor purchasing decision

You will also be able to avoid poor purchasing decisions if you take the help of professionals. This can be better illustrated by the following example. If you buy a stylish and expensive office  furniture and find out that it doesn’t fit in the given space, or won’t last for long then your money would go to waste. However if you hire a professional, he/she would prepare accurate construction documentation sets to remove the possibility of improper specifications and hence making the right purchase of furniture and other things.

  •         Get tailored solutions

You can expect tailored solutions on hiring professional designers. They ensure that your requirements and budget is considered, while creating an office that is both aesthetically pleasing and functional, resonating your goals and beliefs.

CK Architecture is one of the most reputed and experienced interior designing companies in Dubai. Once hired the professionals in the company will make sure to provide you with the best of services and design your office just the way you want.


Getting your pet registered in Dubai easily

Whether you want help in offshore company formation in Dubai or opening a bank account here or just getting your pet registered here, you must always look for good business consultants. Although registration of pets have been in effect for many years now, but it was in 2015 that the entire process became online, which was rolled out in Dubai quite soon.

If you own a pet in Dubai then you must get it registered, which should be renewed annually. This simple process can be carried on through the Dubai Municipality veterinary center or through various registered vet clinics across Dubai. Here we shall be discussing the entire procedure of pet registration

Pet Registered in Dubai

· Collect all of the documents of your pet that includes vaccination reports, which your pet have had till now and all other medical documents of your pet.
· Visit your vet clinic regularly with your pet or to the Dubai Municipality veterinary center.
· Your pet must be vaccinated against rabies (if applicable on the animal) and also make sure it gets the general vaccinations annually. In case the general vaccination is due, then you should get it done before registration.
· Along with your pet’s document, you, as a pet owner must also be prepared with your complete contact information and Emirates ID.
· For every pet that is registered in UAE, a microchip is implanted between its shoulders, which help in tracing the pet. This process of getting a microchip implanted is mandatory in UAE. Therefore get it done if you just got a pet here. And if your pet have it already then bring the necessary documents to show it has been implanted.
· Once the process of micro-chip implantation is done, a registration tag or ID is provided which should be attached to the pet in an apparent way, or else the pet is considered to be a stray animal.

Adam Global is a business consultancy firm that will not only help you with offshore company formation in Dubai, but also assist you in getting your pet registered.

Be aware of animal laws in Dubai

It is a great responsibility to own a pet in Dubai. You have to be very cautious especially if you are a working person. There are certain rules and laws about keeping a pet here. Whether you own a pet or willing to adopt one, you must take the assistance of a lawyer from one of the best law firms in UAE to know about the rules around owning a pet. Here we shall be taking a look at them.

Best Law firms in Dubai

 The pet owner should take preventive measures to keep them safe and also respect the following:

  • The owner should have the required scientific knowledge and understanding of the basic requirement of the pets according to the species of the animal, its rate of development, domestication and other things.
  • The owner should inspect the pet for its needs at least once a day.
  • If they wish to abandon a pet, they should carefully hand it over to the competent department or authority.
  • The pets have the right to move freely that is either permanently or temporarily limited according to the regulations issued by the ministry of Dubai. Your attorney from a Law Firm in UAE can guide you about that.
  •  Animal’s accommodation laws
  •  The materials and tools used for the accommodation of pets should be free from pollution sources, easy to clean and disinfect.
  • The animals that are not raised in constructions, should have a shelter to protect them from the weather, predators, and health threatening dangers.
  • A fodder suitable for the age and species of particular animals shall be provided in adequate quantity. They should also be fed with pure water to drink on a daily basis
  • The safety should be ensured when transporting pets and they shouldn’t be harmed or injured when being transported.
  • Pets should be properly treated for any injury or disease by a vet or specialist.

There also are certain penalties on sexually abusing the pet, or releasing a diseased pet when being fully aware. In order to learn more, hire an attorney at the SM law firm.


Track your vehicles with the best vehicle tracking system in Dubai

Any individual or an organization considers vehicles as an important resource.  A stolen or lost vehicle can be a reason for worry to the owner if it’s the main source of earning profits. For instance, consider a travel business that needs to have a fleet of vehicles on the road then it gets all the more important to keep a tab on each and every one of them to increase productivity and profitability.

A GPS vehicle tracking system in Dubai is the best way tracks your vehicles, regardless of whether private or corporate. The gadget utilizes satellite signs or mobile phone system to track vehicles. It is fixed inside the vehicle which either gives ongoing or inactive data of the vehicle’s whereabouts.

How does it work?

A GPS vehicle tracking system installed in the vehicle emits a signal that is captured by the satellite and transferred to the monitoring system or the local server. You can either subscribe for real time monitoring display or you can opt for passive monitoring checking where you can recover the following data simply after the vehicle achieves the company base.

Vehicle tracking system Dubai

Once there, the proprietor can recover the memory card from the framework and view it on their PC. But if it’s a real-time tracking system, which is significantly more advantageous, you can find details of your vehicle, for example, speed, course, and area on the site of the GPS transporter. You can see this data on a gridded guide or text yet maps are significantly simpler to understand.

Benefits of vehicle tracking system

There are many benefits of a GPS vehicle tracking system, one of the most common reasons to have a vehicle tracker is to easily locate your vehicle during car theft and inform the authorities accordingly. This system relieves the vehicle owners from the stress they often experience.

You can likewise show a sticker on your vehicle saying that your car supports GPS following framework. This will be sufficient for most culprits to stay away from your car

Another benefit is that most insurance agencies offer discounted car insurance rates for vehicles having GPS following frameworks.For expert services for various security needs visit URL:

Obalon balloon system: FAQs

The balloon weight loss surgery is considered to be an apt way of losing weight. This procedure is designed for all those who want to shed those extra pounds but without going under the knife. Out of all, the Obalon balloon system is regarded to be safe and quick. The following FAQs will help you to find out more about this treatment for weight loss. Take a look

What is Obalon balloon system?

This is the only swallowable balloon system for losing the extra weight. The entire procedure includes placing of 3 lightweight balloons (one at a time) gradually within a period of 6 months. The balloon enters your stomach through the esophagus and is then inflated. The inflated balloon occupies space within the stomach, reducing the capacity of the stomach and hence decreasing your food intake. When coupled with a professionally supervised diet plan and exercise, you can expect a faster weight loss.

How does it work fast?

This incision-less balloon weight loss surgery facilitates weight loss by occupying space in your stomach so that you consume less quantity of food.  In order to speed up the weight loss, you will be required to make certain lifestyle changes and include a specified nutrition and exercise program. This system will aid in making and maintaining eating habits so that you keep off that extra weight for long.

What is the cost of this weight loss system?

The entire procedure lasts for a period of 6 months that include placement of balloon thrice. Plus the nutritional support and removal of balloon add up to an average cost of about $9000 or 32000 DHS.

Who is the best candidate for the Obalon system?

Any person with a BMI (body mass index) from 30 to 40kg/m2 and over 22 years of age is a suitable candidate for the Obalon system.

What to expect from Obalon weight loss surgery?

The clinical studies show that adults can experience meaningful weight loss with this system. Along with the specific diet and exercise an individual could lose an average of 90% of the total weight within 6 months, which can be maintained by continuing the diet and exercise specified.

If you are looking for Obalon weight loss system in Dubai, log on to and contact Dr. Juneja for further assistance on this weight loss procedure.


Finding a Top lawyer in Dubai

There is a lot of demand for lawyers, finding “Top lawyers in Dubaican be a daunting task. One of the biggest hurdles many people face while searching for a good lawyer in Dubai is finding a professional who has experience in a particular field they are looking for. Below are some of the best resources available to help you find a lawyer that fits your needs.

Personal References

Word of mouth is one of the most effective ways in finding best services anywhere in the can check people who have faced a similar issue to pick up potential lawyers in Dubai for handling your case.

These people can advise the positive and negative points they encountered in dealing with a particular legal advisor or law firm in Dubai.

Top lawyers in Dubai

Lawyer Referral Services

One of the easiest methods is to hire a lawyer through a reliable lawyer reference service in Dubai.These service companies maintain a database of top notch lawyers with certain details like the kind of service they provided along with their fees. This kind of information makes it easy for individuals to search through the database for the top legal counselor that suits their needs.

Other Lawyers reference

Most lawyers have contacts of several other lawyers who specialize in various other practices. They can help you in refer one as they know several other lawyers who can assist you with your particular needs for which you seek advice. In many cases, they get a reference fees when they refer a lawyer to handle a case.

Search Google

There are many websites available on Google with information on top lawyers based on your location and the type of the legal issues there deal with.Most of the firms have registered websites with information on the type of services they offer, making it easy for people to find them.

Hiring the right lawyer for your case put you on the right track to get you out of the trouble. Look for experienced lawyers and discuss your case before commenting. For information on best to lawyers in Dubai visit


Quick weight loss plan

Quick weight loss is every over sized persons dream and there are many diet plans to reduce weight quickly. Regular exercise and a low calorie diet can deliver a normal weight reduction of eight on ten of aggregate body mass, which may not be a great deal.”The more troublesome issue is keeping those BMI ratios off. Unless activity and Dieting turn into a perpetual part of a man’s way of life, 80 to 95% obese people tend to put on this weight again in of two to five years”. In a gastric balloon surgery in Dubai, the part of the digestive system where numerous minerals and vitamins are most effortlessly retained is avoided hence the patient may suffer from nutritional deficiencies in iron, calcium or vitamins, taking supplements and eating wisely can prevent this.

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Ways to find the best Gynaecologist


Urinary infections are the second most common problems affecting women today. The weak gallbladder is a very common cause of these problems. There are many other reasons such as personal hygiene, hereditary etc It is better to seeking the help of best gynaecologist in Dubai, rather than suffer in silence.

Gynaecologist in Dubai

Modern medicine allows you to control these painful symptoms. Most of them are not aware of the fact that these infections are easily detected by the gynaecologist. Apart from being able to diagnose and treat urinary infection,colon infections,cysts in ovaries and infertility, there are many other treatments such as  sexually transmitted diseases treated by qualified professionals that are life-threatening and some not, yet painful and disturbing. Hence it is very important to visit a gynaecologist who has good reputation and experience in the market.

Take reference-talk to you General physician to know about the best hot tells and doctors who is an expert in dealing with a medical gynaecology call issues such as do you think the urinary bladder infections, call lawn in fictions vagina infections etc.

Validate the claims– check the claims of the clinic who mentioned the service of the selected doctor with many years of experience and qualification.

Seek the advice from Doctor-Before you select your gynaecologist to start the treatment, you may ask him a number of questions to find out how comfortable he is in responding to your queries.

Check the clinic– it is basic to know if the clinic is accessible with all the facilities. Since you will be admitted to the clinic and you ought to have a good idea about the administration and the nursing staff.

Check the qualifications-verified the qualifications of the doctor gynaecologist who is treating you to make sure she/he is registered with a certified medical board.

It is very important to have confidence in your gynaecologist. For that, you need to know the gynaecologist well and establish a good rapport. Knowing each other will play a significant role and boost the confidence of the patient. An experienced gynaecologist can control and guide you regarding a better treatment.


Laparoscopic inguinal Hernia Repair (Keyhole Surgery)-the preferred one

The most common hernia is an inguinal hernia. This kind of a hernia happens when part of the digestive system sneaks past a debilitated or torn area of the inner abdominal layer, framing an inflatable like a sac. Most hernias make a lump obvious in the crotch, stomach or scrotum area, when coughing this often causes torment when coughing or performing exercises, for example, lifting weights.

There are two Treatment options for hernia surgery in Dubai

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why should you get laser hair removal treatment?

Are you suffering with a lot of unwanted hair all over your body? Are you tired of the regular shaving and waxing which can relieve you from hair concerns for some time but you have to go through it once the hair grows back. To battle these problems people in Dubai opt for laser hair removal. There is a lot of demand for laser hair removal in Dubai. Visit

But before opting for the treatment, people should know why they need to know why they should get laser hair removal treatment done. The answer is to get rid of unwanted hair. So how can you benefit the most from the procedure?

Laser hair treatment dubai
Laser hair treatment dubai

Laser hair removal in Dubai is the best possible way to remove unwanted body and facial hair and that too without burns, nicks, rashes and redness that happen because of shaving and waxing. The process of removing hair through laser treatment is technically known for being a permanent hair reduction method.

Even though the process is not a total hair removal procedure, it has the potential to drastically decrease your hair growth and also the need for waxing and shaving. The process is also safe to be used on most parts of the body, including the arms, legs, armpits, the bikini area, stomach, chest and the back. Though it is also safe for the face, the process is not advisable for the eyes or the areas near the eyes.

The whole process of laser hair removal is quite expensive and it also needs several follow-up sessions before getting rid of the unwanted hair. However, there are doctors advise you to follow a few steps before getting laser treatment done in Dubai in order to reap more benefits.

Some of the steps include:

  • Laser hair removal is not effective for women who have polycystic ovaries disease or any other hormonal problems. So take professional advice before going for the treatment. Know if it will actually work for you.
  • Talk to an expert before the treatment and tell them everything about your health and lifestyle.
  • Avoid the sun before getting the treatment done. Stay away from sun and tanning at least 6 weeks before the treatment. A tanned body during the treatment can lead to burns.
  • In the six weeks prior to the waxing date, avoid plucking, waxing and bleaching. You should also avoid other electrolysis treatments.
  • Shave on the day before your treatment

Essential CAD Software for interior designing of pet spa.

Computer Aided Drafting (CAD) could be called the basic block of interior designing. It is through the applications of CAD software that the ideas of a designer are given a solid form on a virtual canvas.Even for office fit out or any other thing which is related to interior designing can be made virtually through CAD. Though there are a lot of CAD software to choose from, these listed software have been tried and tested by experts and they have withstood the pressure. Some of them are listed below-

3D Home planner – This particular software is among the few ones that are based completely on the world wide web servers, thus meaning that there is just no any hassle regarding downloading the entire programme. One of its main features includes the ability to customize materials and dimensions manually, hence making the process more direct. Its preview section is another great add-on that lets the user view a real life model of their created layout.

ARCHICAD – According to the experts,  this software might be the complete package. It is both easy to understand and is equally effective when it comes to rendering technical drawings. The biggest factor, however, is its ability to modify a 3D model based on the changes made in the corresponding 2D model. It also allows the user to create complex geometrical forms pretty easily which when compared to another CAD software is a major win.

VECTORWORKS – This programme seems kind of redundant because it doesn’t offer anything exclusive when compared to other CAD software but in its entirety, this one is a decent software to work with. The major plus points it has stems from the fact that it successfully integrates 2D and 3D designs. Also, it is one of the few tools that support multiple file formats with .pdf,3Ds being some of them. This one is great for 2D drafting but its 3D functionality can be improved.

TURBOCAD – TURBOCAD is relatively new in this designing game but with its ability to create elevations and sections for 3D objects flawlessly, it has won over many early critics. It also packs a lot of new features such as Extrude Face Tool, Helix tool etc. The experts consider it a worthy modification in the field of designing software.

Despite the fact that there are older, costlier and more sophisticated designing tools available in the market, these above mentioned tools have carved their own name in this industry and are slowly building some reputation for themselves.

Few Ways For Repairing Wallpapers in Pet clinics

The use of wallpapers to cover and decorate the interior walls is becoming trendy these days. As the wallpaper ages, it can tear, loosen the edges or some bubbles can appear beneath it. Wallpaper fixing in Dubai is necessary to repair all the possible damage to wallpaper. Click Here. It is also advised that one should save some extra piece of wallpaper for future repairs.

Ø  To repair loose edges, first, moisten the area and lift up the wallpaper from the wall. After this apply a layer of adhesive glue at the back of the paper and then press it back on the wall and wipe off the extra glue.

Ø  To patch the wallpaper, use a sharp knife and straightedge. To make a patch, cut a larger square than the existing area to be patched and arrange the design. Use tape to fix the patch to the wall. Cut through the patch of the wallpaper with knife and straightedge. Now put the patch to one side and moisten the wallpaper with a wet sponge. Arrange the designs of the repairing piece with the initial wallpaper. Clean the wall and let it dry. Spread a layer of adhesive glue behind the patch and carefully put it back on the wall. Quickly wipe off the adhesive glue that spreads around the wallpaper.

Ø  For fixing wallpaper bubbles, dampen the area with a wet cloth and by using a sharp knife, slit the bubble in V-shape. Now, with the help of a putty knife, force glue through the slit and with wet sponge spread the glue around the area to fill it completely. In the end, press the wallpaper to the wall. You can also use a syringe-like glue injector to inject adhesive glue in the middle of the bubble. Use a roller to spread the adhesive glue throughout the bubble, and squeeze the excess glue back out through the hole. Wipe away the excess with a wet sponge.

Ø  For resetting wallpaper seams, moisten the damaged portion and then carefully lift the loose part of the wallpaper. Using a small brush, apply a thin layer of adhesive glue behind the piece to be reattached. Press the piece back to the place and clean off the excess glue with a wet cloth. Now, leave the wallpaper to dry.

These were the few techniques for wallpaper fixing in Dubai. If you are not comfortable doing this on your own, then you can always call a wallpaper fixing expert for the same.

5 Books to Train Pets

We all love to show off our pets to the family and friends, but sometime this may turn out embarrassing incident when your dog doesn’t behaves properly or even turn out your orders. An untrained dog is like a headache which never goes away. If you are having a plan to add a new family member with a dog, it’s better to get the best accessories for it from best pet shop in Dubai and get some books about the training of pets.

Getting a dog training book is much reasonable than hiring a personalized trainer. Your dog doesn’t need to be as obedient as the military dogs or like the dogs in the dog shows, but should act properly with your basic commands. Let’s find out the five best books to train pets: –

  • Before and After Getting a Puppy by Dr Ian Dunbar: – Mind of a puppy is like a white page alike of small baby and the pages will be filled up with your daily activities and behaviors towards them. This book will teach you about the process of choosing a puppy and will help you to teach the pet some of the basic things for a life time good behavior. Dr Ian Dunbar is a renowned veterinarian and an animal behaviorist and has shared all his expertise and experience in the book.

  • Cesar’s Way: The Natural, Everyday Guide to Understanding and Correcting Common Dog Problems by Cesar Millan: – Cesar is a common name in dog training programs and you might have also watched him in television or magazines sharing his valuable tips about the training of the dogs. This books deals about the way to tackle the behavioral issues of dogs and help you to train the most stubborn dog to a good one.
  • Team Dog: How to Train Your Dog–the Navy SEAL Way by Mike Ritland and Gary Brozek : – You will experience the 15 years of expertise of Mike Ritlan with the dogs and the science behind the training of them. As this is from Navy, you will get a better about how to establish a command over your pet.
  • 101 Dog Tricks: Step by Step Activities to Engage, Challenge, and Bond with Your Dog by Kyra Sundance: – This book will help to start the training immediately with the best and easy tips and this one is the only book in the market with full illustration of the training tips in full colour pictures, which makes it easy to be understand. If you love your dog and want him to be loved by everyone in the family than this book is must for you.
  • Fired Up, Frantic, and Freaked Out: Training the Crazy Dog from Over the Top to Under Control by Laura VanArendonk Baugh: – The most effective way to train your dog presented in the most humorous manner. The life of a crazy dog is as miserable as the owner and its family. This book will teach you with short and simple ways to make your loved dog the darling of the family.

The best pet shop in Dubai offers various other pets training accessories and tools which will be a great help for the training period. Remember one thing, beating or abusing the dog will only worsen up the training but nothing else.

A guide to auditing top management and the Internal Audit Checklist

Auditing top management is, in many instances, seen as a sensitive issue. If we consider each top management activity as a normal organizational process, it becomes easier to focus on determining whether the outputs of their activities are effective. For an auditing process to be effective, organizations must audit the processes associated with top management. These processes include strategic planning, the establishment of policies and objectives, ensuring effective communication and the availability of resources.

When venturing the internal audit of top management, the collection, and corroboration of the evidence of top management’s commitment from within the quality management system should be done. It should be asked that how the quality manual addresses management commitment issues and ask how they are accomplished. The auditor must find objective confirmation that proves it’s actually being done.

An internal audit is generally completed in four steps. An internal audit manager in Dubai will have to follow the said steps:

  • Planning: During the first part of the internal audit, the client of the audit is notified by the auditor. The scope and the objective of the examination in a formal meeting with the management of the organization is discussed. Information about important processes, evaluation existing controls is gathered and the remaining audit steps are planned. This program outlines the fieldwork necessary to achieve the objectives of the audit.
Internal audit
                                         Internal audit
  • Fieldwork: This focuses on transaction testing and informal communications. During this phase, the auditor determines whether the controls identified during the preliminary review are operating properly and according to the standard operating procedures of the organization. These procedures test major internal controls and accuracy of the propriety of the transactions. It concludes with a list if important findings by which the draft of the audit report is prepared.   


  • Audit report: After completion of the fieldwork, the audit findings, conclusions, and recommendations necessary are summarized in a working paper and a discussion draft. Audit management thoroughly reviews these papers and it is submitted to the client, and it is discussed in a meeting to reach a conclusion about the audit findings. A formal draft is then created including revisions from the meeting, and a final report is issued.


  • Follow up review: Internal Audit performs a follow-up review after some time to verify the resolution of the report’s findings. The client’s response to the final report is reviewed, and the actions are taken to resolve the audit report findings are tested to ensure that the expected results are achieved. All unresolved findings are discussed in the follow-up report. The review will conclude with a follow-up report.

Each step of the checklist should be followed strictly, and client participation is vital to a successful audit.

New pet owner’s guide to buy food for their pet

The stores are filled with a variety of products that aim to be the best amongst the rest but things are not always as they are visible. Prevention is better than cure so it is better that before getting a product for your lovely winged pal, aquatic pet or the quadruple you follow measures that limit the chances of putting their lives at stake. The Dubai pets food stores are overflowing with pet foods but we should be careful while selecting a food product for the pet. While selecting a food product from the Dubai pet food store always

  • Consult a veterinary to know more about the type of food products needed by your pet.
  • Do not be swayed away by the various advertisements that are being aired on different channels
  • Consider the needs of the pet as for example get to know about the calorie requirements of your pet
  • Before buying any product go through the ingredients mentioned on the packet of the food for the pet.
  • Compare the different products available. This means that the nutritional value of all the products should be compared and the best amongst all the products should be selected.

While buying food items at the Dubai pet food store for pets one should be careful enough to check that

  • The packet of the pet food contains an expiry date and the manufacturing date
  • The packet has an email id or a contact number that can be used to contact the company in case of an emergency
  • Checking for the ingredients used in the manufacturing process of the product align with the requirements of the pet
Dubai Pets Food
Dubai Pets Food

Some of the ingredients that should be avoided in pet products are

  • Ethoxyquin
  • BHT
  • Propylene glycol
  • Wheat gluten or wheat
  • BHA

If the above-mentioned steps are followed a pet will be able to stay health. Thus it is imperative that we stick to these facts.

Always keep in mind, there will be a lot of advertisements on air that claim to be the best dog food available in the market but it is not so. Before giving your dog anything and everything is sure of the dog’s requirement. Consult a veterinary doctor in such situations.

Not only is it important to buy good food for pets but one should also take care that one should be

  • Washing hands before cooking food
  • Washing hands after handling the pets
  • Washing hand before touching the pet food

A guide that will help to have a jump start to your online pet store

Starting up a pet shop is not an easy task. One needs to walk on the road not taken. A great deal of care needs to be taken of the pets. A lot of implications like budget and competitors in the same geographical location might act as a possible threat to stop a person from starting a business. One need not worry about these factors though as if one is dedicated to his task then no one can stop him from aiming for the stars.

Some of the steps that need to be followed are as follows.

  • Think of a catchy name for your pet shop

To start with, one should always think of name which will attract attention of the masses by means of his online pet store in Dubai. Consecutively, one also needs to register the business name so that services can be made available to the people within that country, city or state. Vendor’s licence should also be applied for as payment of taxes will be needed to be done.

  • Getting sufficient financial help from banks or financiers

For an online pet store in Dubai to be started up, one should acquire ample amounts of monetary help if need be. The budget to start the online pet store in Dubai should be considered as unavoidable cash flow may be needed to be done in many instances.

Online pet store in Dubai
Online pet store in Dubai
  • Locating a wholesaler who sells the products you wish to market

Tracking down a wholesaler to supply the type of pets you wish to sell would be required. To get a hold of the same one can always work as a subordinate at a competitor’s place to understand the demands of the business. Alternatively one can always get a hold of such wholesalers online and contact them and tell them about their requirements.

  • Advertising

The best way to make one’s voice be heard by the masses is through online advertisements. To be able to do so, one can advertise in some of the famous search engines like or etc.

Starting up a shop that sells pets is not a difficult task at one. The only consideration of people starting up this kind of business should be to leave no stone unturned in making customer’s happy. To become a household name, the owner of a shop should also find the varieties of pets that are in demand the most at that point of time.

Few Tips To Train Puppies in Water – For All Dog Lovers in 2016

Usually dogs love water, this is something very natural that they have in their character but how can you encourage this natural affinity with safety and fun. First thing first, make your dog water friendly by giving them regular bath. There are few things that you need to consider:-

· Don’t make it quick – Take your time and enjoy with your dog in the bathroom. A long bath removes the fear of water from your dogs mind. So always pick a time when you can relax and focus on your puppy.

· Make it Fun – You must be aware what toys your dog likes. Bring those toys to the bathroom and play with them while giving bath to your puppy. This is a very effective method which gives your dog a feeling that water is fun.

Dog Playing In Water

· Make Your Dog Comfortable – You need to understand that you and your dog is different. What seems like a great temperature to you might not be what your dog prefers. Very warm water can actually be a shock to your dog, so keep it lukewarm to ensure that your dog enjoys the bath.

The majority of dogs is natural swimmers and loves nothing better than doing it for untainted joy. They have the natural skill to it but confidence and experience are also required. It is always good to introduce a puppy or young dog to water as early as possible. The first thing should be finding a pond or lake with still or very slow moving water. Find a proper place where the dog can enter and exit the water easily via a gentle slope. Be prepared to enter the water with your dog. This may be all they need to build the confidence to take the first step. If your dog is a little hesitant to enter the lake, don’t rush and play in the shallows instead, this will motivate them to enter further. The dog will need to keep their body flat on the surface of the water and build up a paddling action with their feet. If you notice that your dog is having difficulty, then help them by giving hand support under their belly. When you notice a little improvement, gradually reduce your involvement. Involve a ball or other toys to make your dog relaxed. Once your puppy gains the required confidence and experience then you will not be required to accompany your dog, your puppy will love doing it again and again.