Setting up a Cat and Dog Food Company Offshore

Pet owners nowadays are becoming more and more concerned towards their pet nutrition and the quality of food they eat. This gives a wonderful opportunity to the people who are looking for offshore company formation in Dubai. You can earn a lot of money by keeping these furry creatures fed and healthy. For a cat and dog food business offshore company formation in Dubai, the very first step is to decide which type of company you wish to start.

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In the offshore company formation in Dubai, there are various types you can operate your business such as a partnership, a limited liability company (LLC), sole proprietorship or corporation. Each type of business has its own tax and liability benefits.

The second step is to decide the location of your business. If you want to start from your home, you can run an online store. You can set up a website of your own and accepts the payment via PayPal application. You can take the help of a legal consultant to determine whether the local regulations permit it. This would be easy on your pocket as opening an online store won’t cost you any investment.

If you can invest a little more, you can start your business opening a retail store. You will have to rent a place for this. The advantage you get is that a retail store would attract more traffic than an online store would. You will be requiring an appropriate license and permit to get started with it. The Federal Food, Drug, Cosmetic Act (FFDCA) makes sure that the food you propose for the startup is clean, safe and healthy along with true labeling. The pet food you are going to sell should contain proper nutrition a cat or dog needs.

If you want any more information regarding the offshore company formation in Dubai, approach Adam Global. They have a team of the experienced consultants to guide you through the regulations of your country needed for a startup.


A Few Design Concepts for Pet-Friendly Interiors

Often when planning to redesign our home, we think about our comfort and necessities. Nowadays, the time has changed and homes are not designed just for you,, but also for your four-legged friends. Interior design companies in Dubai have started incorporating pet-friendly interior designs. They decide the fabrics and colors for the space, keeping the pet in mind.

In Dubai, interior designing companies are focusing on the pet-friendly interiors as these are in trend and will be around for a long time. More and more pet lovers are choosing eco-friendly designs so that their pets feel comfortable in the homes. Below are a few pet-friendly concepts.

Designing with color:

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Before you decide with the wall color, first you should select the fabric of your furniture. The fabric of the furniture should match the color of your pet’s fur. Matching both of them will blend in the furs with the fabric so that they don’t look accumulated on the furniture. The wall color can then be decided to coordinate with the furniture.

Flooring for pets and humans:

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There are many different choices for flooring like ceramic, wood, tile, synthetic, marble, stone or carpets. When you own a pet it becomes a quite daunting task to decide the flooring. The flooring which is scratch, germs and odor resistant will suit the best. Nowadays, there is a wide demand for concrete flooring that is stained to go with the color scheme.

Fabrics for furniture:

Choose the furniture that is easy to clean and do not show stains or attain odor. This will save you from hiding your furniture with covers and cleaning them every day. You can also ask the interior design companies that what will be the best option.

If you too want to have your space designed pet-friendly and are searching interior design company in Dubai, contact CK Architecture. It is the best architecture and interior design company which provides you the best of services with eco-friendly designs.

Frequently asked interior design questions answered

Being the best interior firm in Dubai, interiors.R.US answer the some frequently asked questions that will help you decorate your spaces.

Q: What is the correct height to hang wall pieces?

A: This is one of the most common questions asked. Well, the idea height to hang wall pieces and mirrors is at eye length. They should be about five feet above the ground and if you are hanging 2 or more frames on the same wall then there should be at least 3 inches gap between them.

Q: What’s the best way to mix and match different patterns?

Patterns can be mixed in any way possible but you will have to see to it that the colors used belong to the same family. A consistent color scheme will make the mix and match look synchronized and sophisticated.

Q: How to divide a large room into different zones?

A: You can create multiple zones in a large room using furniture, by spreading rugs, frames, etc. This is the best way to make the place look well organized.  

Q: How to make a small room look spacious?

A: Almost everyone wishes to make their spaces look bigger and better. One way to make a small room look lighter and spacious is to opt for a neutral pallet. White walls, light colored furniture and lighter rugs are just perfect.

Some of the most frequently asked questions have been answered. For more detailed information about retail interior designs and designers in Dubai, contact